Friday, December 19, 2014

eOne SmartView Promotion for new SmartList Builder Customers!

We're drawing to the end of a fantastic first year with SmartList Builder officially transitioned back to eOne. To celebrate we've decided to offer a promotion to new SmartList Builder customers (those who've purchased in the last 6 months) where you can purchase SmartView Internal/External bundle for $2000 - saving you $1700!

Never heard of SmartView? We know you'd love it, especially since it allows you to see your lists in seconds, allows unlimited filters, exports to Excel in seconds and gives you the ability to view SmartLists outside of GP!

Want to see it for yourself? Click here to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial, view a demo or register for an upcoming webinar!

Please note that this offer ends Dec. 31st 2014 - so hurry and grab this deal before the holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tech Tuesday: How to Open a File and Pass in Parameters from SmartConnect Tasks

There are many times when it may be necessary to run a process before or after an integration. I have seen everything from a call to a webservice, FTP of source data, and everything in between. The focus of this post is to talk about running some kind of a file before an integration. We will explore two methods for doing this, the first method is the Run File Task and the second is using a Run Script Task to pass in parameters to the file.

We start in one of our maps and click on the Tasks button. In the Map Pre Tasks section we right click on the Tasks that run before the map section then expand the New Task and choose the Run File to create a new task of this type.

After naming our Task we can then choose the location of the file we want to run. This could be a .bat file, PowerShell script, EXE or even any file that will open with whatever has been associated (ie .docx would open in MS Word, .pdf would open in Acrobat Reader).

One issue that can arise is when you need to pass a parameter into that file. That is where you will need to change the Task Type to a Run Script instead. In the simple example below I am just using the notepad.exe and then passing in the file that I want to open utilizing VB.Net(C# could be used as well but the sample code is VB.Net).

In the text of the script below I have shown you a couple of ways you may want to pass in parameters. They have been commented out but note that one actually has multiple parameters passed in that you may use to run an executable. The other commented out section defining the parameters actually uses a GLOBAL variable that can be defined elsewhere in the map.

'Specify the location of your filename
Dim filename As String = "c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe"

'Specify the parameters you want to run on that file
'This passes in one parameter indicating which file should open
Dim fileparameters As String = "file.txt"
'This passes in multiple parameters to a file
'Dim fileparameters As String = " /s /v"
'This uses a Global Variable to pass in the parameters that were set somewhere else in SmartConnect
'Dim fileparameters As String = GBL_FILEPARAMETERS

'This runs the file passing in any parameters you may have specified
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(filename, fileparameters)

return true

Now you can see that SmartConnect has the flexibility to use the simple standard Run File Task or the power to pass in parameters using the simple script in a Run Script Task above.

Have fun coming up with your own combinations and scripts and let me know if you have suggestions for future topics or want to share what you have done.

Chris Dew
Director of Product Management

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Where do ISV's Fit in the Microsoft SMB World?

Customers using a Microsoft ERP or CRM product use more than one addon from an ISV. (I read that most companies use more than 4 ISV addons – although I could not verify this statistic). This in itself is a fantastic thing, that there are so many solutions that help Microsoft products fit businesses better.

The ISV (Independent Software Vendor) market around Microsoft products is amazingly deep, passionate and of very high quality. There are solutions for just about anything and everything you need to do as a business. As I have preached many, many times – every business is different and you need to choose different solutions to support your place in the market.

If you could buy a product that purported to do ‘everything’ you would be buying an SAP or Oracle Financials type product that would cost upward of 10 million and would NEVER be implemented and would definitely not fit your business. This is what makes the
à la carte world of Microsoft mid market solutions, plus the ISV’s needed, a really great model.

So something I would encourage Microsoft to do a little better is to ‘LOVE’ the ISV group. Microsoft should take some time to fall in love with the great companies that sell software tools to support their base mid market offerings. Microsoft cannot and should not try and write all the software in the world, as they can never have the expertise in all the niche areas. What they need to do is preach how ‘awesome’ this community is and actively and openly share this message. In a world where the APP store has been made famous – I would like to see Microsoft take this further and re-imagine this model. A model where they actively lead with some of their ISV solutions and bundle them together with the base offering.

I've attended many Microsoft Partner events this summer where they invite their customers in for a day of learning, loving and interaction. Unfortunately many of these partners took the existing Microsoft model. They would invite a group of 15 ISV's to attend and display their wares. They wanted their customers to know that all they really needed was something extra beyond the core solution – there were options delivered by ISV’s BUT in reality the ISV's were the unwanted but necessary sponsor who paid to be there.

There is still a sense that if you have to bring in an ISV you are admitting that there is a weakness in the base Microsoft product. That is crazy. What you are doing is delivering the customer the BEST possible software to help them run their business most successfully. Many Microsoft partners like to hide the ISV – unless they really need to.

I think there are a number of reasons for Partners wanting to hide ISV’s under the carpet:

     1. They have not trained their consulting teams on those ISV solutions.

     2. As a result of 1., this means they are not confident in their ability to deliver.

     3. They bring in any ISV they need to close a deal and only when they need to close a deal based on specific functionality.

     4. As a result of 3., they have too many ISV’s on their list.

     5. They are concerned about the support and upgrade issues of too many vendors.

     6. Providing support gets tricky with too many addons.

So there is one VERY VERY easy solution to this. Take a page out of Google's book and “Do what you do really, really well”. That means choose your market, choose your ISV’s and deliver amazing solutions around the offering. Amaze your customers with how much you know about EVERYTHING you sell.

I would recommend every Microsoft partner slash the number of ISV’s you deal with. Choose 2 ISV’s. Choose 3 ISV’s. Choose 5 ISV’s – but do not choose 15 or 20 or 50. WOW - that’s dangerous ground! Quite frankly the ISV’s would really appreciate it as well. As a reseller that sells one product from an ISV every year – you cost that ISV way more money than they make – so they will be relieved that you cross them off the list. Now this could be a dangerous strategy for me and eOne as we may well be one of the ISV’s that you cross off the list. That would be sad, but I can live with it, if it's the right thing for you to do.

I recently attended a partner event where there were 2 ISV’s present. That’s right only 2. It was awesome. The partner led with, “We have invited two of our most trusted partners that have great solutions. You need to meet with them and rest assured that our consulting teams are experts in these solutions. We will be running breakout session on these topics led by our consultants – but if you have any tricky questions we have the experts here for you today."

This is an example of a Microsoft partner LEADING with ISV’s. Bringing them into their family, treating them with respect, educating the consulting team on the solution, learning how to sell the solution and confidently delivering some awesome solutions to their customers. This model worked brilliantly well for eOne (the ISV), for the partner who had a focused message and for the customers who were offered a strong solution that they know was backed by their partner.

So I challenge all Microsoft partners and Microsoft to rethink their ISV strategy. Get deep with your ISV. Love Them. Lead with them. This eliminates every reason listed above, that makes you wary of ISV’s now. You will enjoy the success that you get taking a different spin on an old strategy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

ATTENTION: Fix for Issue - SmartConnect Excel Templates Stop Working after Applying Microsoft Updates from 12/9/2014

We wanted to bring to your attention a solution for a recent issue where our SmartConnect Excel templates stop working after applying Microsoft updates from 12/9/2014.

The typical symptom is that none of the buttons in the Excel Template will push, they appear to be static pictures.

This is caused by a Microsoft security update that was issued on 12/9/2014. These patches break any Excel customizations that have ActiveX controls, not just the eOne templates - any Excel VBA customizations that include ActiveX controls.

There are 2 ways to resolve this:

1. Uninstall the patches in Windows Programs and Features. The patch for Office 2010 is KB 2553154 and the patch for Office 2013 is KB 2726958


2. Delete the MSForms.exd for Excel. This file will automatically get recreated when you launch Excel

     a. To delete the MSForms.exd file, you need to browse to the c:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\ folder

     b. Delete only the MSForms.exd file located in there.

     c. This file is user specific, so you need to delete it from each individual users temp folder. 

Please let us know if you have any questions at

The Best Thing About Software is People

The best thing about any software company is ‘the people’. Sure the software is important – but it is entirely a reflection of the people on the team. Ever since I have been involved in software I have seen this to be true and it remains the most important thing for me here at eOne.

When I started in software and implementing ERP – one of the most important things to the success of a project was the ‘ability of the project team to build relationships’ with the customer. The software itself was secondary. The better the implementation team and their ability to engage and build trust – the better the software solution that would be left in place when the implementation team had finished and moved on to the next project. You could take the exact some software – with a different team of implementers and get a significantly inferior result.

If we look at ‘cloud software’ you would assume that the success was purely software related and really did not need a ‘people’ focus. This could not be further from the truth in most cases I have reviewed. A company I have watched for a while is who sell online, cloud only recruitment management software. You would think a cloud CRM for recruiters would be a simple process of delivering software - if you check out their website you will find the number one catchphrase is “Support so good, You’ll want to hug it”. There is something about that statement that makes me want to buy the software – even though I don’t work in recruitment!

I was recently visiting with a Canadian partner that exemplified the people strategy brilliantly. This partner knew their customers – by that I mean they knew their business and they knew them personally. In a five minute period I was introduced to three of that partners customers. The conversations started like this:

     1. “Come and meet Martin. Martin this is Jenny – she has married an Australian from Bendigo and they started a restaurant together a few streets from here.”

     2. “Hey Michael come and meet Martin. He is showing off his SmartView product at 1pm – make sure you are there. It is perfect for your business and will solve some of those reporting issues. To which Michael replied “I will go and watch it – but I really don’t need to. If you tell me it is the tool I need then I’ll buy it!”

     3. “Jason come over here. This is Martin he owns eOne. I remember you had an issue  with connecting to the SmartConnect webservice – did you get that totally resolved?” As it turned out Jason did have some issues and I was able to help resolve them same day and getting him running smoothly. 

The point that nailed home for me was that this company was truly ‘service focused’. Everyone at this company had a service mentality. What this led to was:

     1. Customers buying more software in a shorter sales cycle.

     2. Customers being happy to pay for services – as they were only ever sold value.

     3. Customer who rightfully believed they owned really good ERP software.

     4. Customers who were happy to share with other customers – making a very strong ecosystem.

     5. A fun, caring environment where consultants and software people want to work.

     6. Consultants who were passionate about the software they delivered. Really passionate. WHY?  

Because they delivered value and knew that every new feature
they showed would make other peoples lives better. 

Now let’s compare this with some other software delivery models. I have also been watching Microsoft CRM Online sales closely. There is a model where you can go onto a Microsoft site – and sign up for CRM Online free trials (no pesky people involved other than a series of ‘upgrade now email messages’). The problem is that this is complex software – it needs implementing. It needs people who know how to hang all the parts together to make it work FOR YOU. So from all reports the conversion rate of those companies that sign up online and then go ahead and purchase is a long way from what Microsoft would have hoped. Complex business software needs expert implementers to make it successful.

If you run a software company the message is very simple– keep it people focused.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

eOne's release plans with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

We have been getting requests already for the 2015 builds of the eOne products now that Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. So, we wanted to let you know our plans around the releases.

We are hard at work on getting everything ready in all of our products for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. We want to be able to add some great new features for you and make sure everything is working as it should.

With that being said, we are giving a release time frame of Quarter 1 of calendar year 2015.
This includes SmartList Builder, Extender (Standard and Enterprise), SmartView (Internal and External), Flexicoder, SmartPost, SmartConnect, and Node Builder.

If you have any specific questions or concerns around the 2015 releases, please feel free to contact Martin Olsen at

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tech Tuesday: SmartConnect - Calculated Fields and Strings

Our Senior Consultant, Chris Hanson, is up for this week's Tech Tuesday on SmartConnect:

One thing I run across a lot is what happens when using calculated fields to manipulate strings within SmartConnect. Most of the time everything works as expected, but occasionally it’ll appear that the calculated field isn’t doing what it is supposed to when trying to run compare, concatenate, index, etc. commands.

What I am referring to is the situation where the string has padded characters on the end of it, so the data doesn’t stop where you expect it to. The biggest culprit is actually GP, almost any field you pull out of GP that is a string will have white spaces padded to the end due to the data types GP uses to store the data.

The easiest example is pulling out a first name and a last name from GP and trying to concatenate them together to send to another system or out to a file. If your source fields are named FRSTNAME and LASTNAME this is what your calculated field might look like if you are not aware of the additional spaces:

Return _FRSTNAME & " " & _LASTNAME

That calculated field would return something close to this result:

Chris                                                               Hanson

What should be done is a Trim statement should be applied to each field:

Return _FRSTNAME.Trim() & " " & _LASTNAME.Trim()

That would give us the expected space between the names without all the additional characters. The Trim statement should be used anytime you are not sure if there are trailing white spaces on the fields you are going to be using within a map or calculated field to ensure you are working with just the data you want.

Have something you'd like to see featured on our next Tech Tuesday? Email us at!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Invitation to Fargo!

Did you miss out on all the fun Fargo had to offer this past reIMAGINE conference? Looking for something exciting and beneficial to do to kick off the New Year? Or are you simply sick and tired of your cozy warm climate and looking for something a bit more adventurous?

Well, look no further as eOne will again be hosting a SmartConnect Classroom Training here at our offices in Fargo, ND! We've decided to host the training January 27th - 28th so that you can experience Fargo in it's prime weather conditions.

Last year the coldest day in Fargo was in January, with a low temperature of -24°F while the average daily low temperature in January was -5°F (source). Now don't let that intimidate you, we promise our trainings will get you heated up and charged with the endless possibilities SmartConnect has to offer! Plus you'll leave with bragging rights that you survived* Fargo at it's coldest.

Think you can handle the heat? Register now here!

*eOne cannot guarantee attendees winter survival ;)

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Why Everyone NEEDS SmartView

Our Account Representative, Alicia Bement, has gotten to know SmartView for a little over a year now and just can't get enough of it! See why she loves SmartView so much below:

SmartView may seem like a nice tool to have, I see it as a necessity. It literally saves me at least 3 hours every week. Wouldn’t you love to see a report without having to wait a really long time for the report to generate? Wouldn’t you love to see totals to your screen without exporting it to Excel? Add more than 4 filters? How about seeing your data OUTSIDE of GP?

SmartView replaces SmartList and all the pain points that go along with it. It will help everyone in your office, whether it’s your project manager wanting to look at time sheets or the CEO wanting to see what the revenue is for the year, or the accountant wanting to see aged trial balances. And, the great part is each person can customize their own favorites.

You’ll want to take a minute to join a demo on Wednesday’s or Friday’s and see how you can significantly change your reporting to save a vast amount of time!

So when we say SmartView is just like Magic, now you can see why!

If you have any questions with setting up a demo, pricing or wondering if SmartView is the perfect solution for you please email us at as we would be happy to assist you!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tech Tuesday: The Extender Window ‘MY_EXTENDER_ WINDOW’ Does Not Exist in the Destination Company

One of our support guru's, Pat Roth, has stumbled upon an unusual error a few times this past month where the Extender window does not exist in the destination company. He will be sharing his solution for this week's Tech Tuesday below.

The user is in SmartConnect and is using any Microsoft Dynamics GP destination.

It is desired to add a node for an Extender window that was created.

In the Destination, when I press the “Add Extender Object” button to add my Extender Window (See below):

Figure 1: Use Add Extender Object to select Extender Window

We can see that SmartConnect recognizes my Extender Window (it sees them all in the lookup).

Figure 2: CUSTOMER_DETAIL Extender window selected

After saving the Extender window, it now shows correctly in my SmartConnect map.

Figure 3: New Extender node successfully added

At this point, everything is working correctly as I go to add my mapping to the Extender node by double clicking or selecting the highlighted line and pressing the "Map" button.

This fails with the error:

The Extender window ‘CUSTOMER_DETAIL’ does not exist in the destination company.

This is puzzling since we were just able to see the Extender window in the lookup. We also note that the SmartConnect Mapping window does open – however we do not have any fields to map to (which is another symptom/clue to the issue).

Figure 4: Mapping window open but no fields displayed

The next step is to see if we are getting any errors when SC is reading in SQL.

Running a SQL trace using the SQL Server Profiler, does tell us the issue.

Figure 5: Profiler Trace Results

To get a list of the fields for the Extender window, SmartConnect calls the stored procedure "ExtenderGetWindowFields".

According to the error message:

Could not find stored procedure ‘TWO.dbo.ExtenderGetWindowFields’

The stored procedure does not exist in this database, the call fails and therefore doesn’t return a record set with the field names. SmartConnect interprets this as “the window doesn’t exist” and so gives the initial message.

The other possibility is that we could get a “permission denied” error here. Because SmartConnect runs under the user credentials as set up in the GP Connector (either Windows auth or a specific SQL Server User), it is possible that user doesn’t have permissions to the procedure.

So in my case, the proc doesn’t exist – but why doesn’t the proc exist?

Either it was deleted or never got created in the first place. 

For a missing proc, the easiest solution is to run Maintenance in SmartConnect. If it was a permissions error, you could change your permissions in SQL by running the Microsoft grant.sql script or change the user context that SmartConnect is running under in the GP Connector Setup.

Go to Setup -> System Maintenance and press the "Process" button to start the maintenance process. This will set up all the defaults and create or recreate all the missing procedures.

Figure 6: System Maintenance running

Once this is finished and the procedure has been created, we were able to map the Extender window fields as expected.

Patrick Roth
eOne Solutions

Interested in learning more about SmartConnect & Extender? Email our sales team at and we would be happy to assist you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from the eOne team!

Coming off of a great fall conference season, we are incredibly thankful for all of our wonderful partners, customers and our Microsoft partnership throughout the year! We wouldn't be where we are today without all of you. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of family, friends, delicious food & joy this year!

Please note that our offices will be closed Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. If you need to reach the team during that time, we'd encourage you to email the category of your choice: 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tech Tuesday: SmartList Failing to Export Due to Random Characters

This week's Tech Tuesday is from our Support Guru, Jared Dux, who will go through a consistent issue that as been brought to his attention regarding SmartLists failing to export.

Recently I have seen this come up several times in my cases and it can be a bit puzzling and frustrating users. When running a SmartList you will sometimes see random characters similar to the screenshot below. If you refresh the list, the characters will likely be gone or seem to have moved to a different record. 

When these characters are present in SmartList, Excel will likely fail to open the file depending on what the characters are because the file is not completed and remains in use by Dynamics GP.

I have found the issue to be related to custom views using joins that are returning NULLs. Microsoft Dynamics GP does not handle the NULLs which is causing the random characters. Depending on how many records and fields are set to display increases the probability of the invalid characters showing up. 

Use the ISNULL() function on any fields that have the possibility of returning NULLs to set them to be blank. This will stop the random characters and allow Excel to open the exported files. 

Have any questions regarding SmartList or SmartList Builder? Feel free to reach out to us at!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Conference Etiquette in 2014

Last week as I was attending a conference session and I did something that I am not proud of. I looked a very smart, intelligent presenter in the eye and went on a bit of an "internal" rant that went like this . . .

“You can keep talking if you like, but I really am way too important to listen to you. I am really busy as I am getting emails every few minutes – all of which are not urgent and could wait – but I am going to respond anyway right now, while you are talking to me. In fact I am going to try and suck as much energy out of this conversation as I can by opening my laptop and hiding behind it. I will look up occasionally to pretend I care about what you are saying, but I really do not. In fact, I am now reading about Black Friday sales and reading my sons school newsletter – can you please speak quietly... as it is getting hard to concentrate. I know you prepared at length to talk to me, but really these emails are important. You just keep talking and I will just kinda listen if that’s okay, if I hear anything interesting I might just look up and acknowledge you. I may just get engrossed in other work and not hear your best messages – but never mind, you just keep talking. I’m sure there is someone else in the room that is listening." 

Now, again this was an internal rant and I actually did not say any of this out loud, but I said it all and way more with my actions. The more I think about it, the ruder my actions appear. I apologize unreservedly to the great session presenters to whom I snubbed and showed the back of my laptop.

I challenge anyone that reads this to not make my mistake. The saying ‘you only get out what you put in’ holds true. If you disengage during a presentation – you will gain nothing – that is for sure. Next time you attend a presentation please consider what your body language says to the respected person who had taken time to prepare and present to you on that topic at hand. Put your phone away, close your laptop. You would not pull out a novel and read it during the session – and I do not see how reading and typing is any more acceptable.

All the best,

Martin Olsen

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Join us for a Dynamics GP and CRM with SmartConnect and BI360 Demo

Want to utilize Business Intelligence to it's full potential? Join us today for a Dynamics GP and CRM with SmartConnect and BI360 Demo with our very own Chris Dew, hosting with the CEO of Solver, Nils Rasmussen. The demo is today, November 20th, at 11 am CST - Noon CST.

To attend select here: 

Were you able to attend today's session? Give us your feedback in the comments!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Steps for Installing eConnect using the Microsoft Installation Media

This week's Tech Tuesday is from our support guru, David Youngquist, who has included steps for installing eConnect using the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 installer instead of installing it from the SmartConnect media below:

1. If you prefer to install eConnect using the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation media, the eConnect installer can be found in the following folder(s) 

If you are on a 32 bit machine, the installer is in the \AdProd\eConnect\x86 folder.
If you are on a 64 bit machine, the installer is in the \AdProd\eConnect\x64 folder.

The file you want to run is named econnect.exe

2. When installing from the GP installation media, the only required component is the eConnect Runtime, the other options are not required for SmartConnect. Make sure eConnect Runtime Services is selected click the Next button.

3. This screen is asking for a Windows login account. This is not a SQL account, this needs to be a domain user that has been added to the DYNGRP for all the Dynamics databases in SQL. In my screenshot my Domain is EONEDEMO, my username is eConnect. 

4. On this screen you need to type in the Dynamics GP SQL server name\instance. On eConnect 2013 it will ask for your Dynamics database name. On 2010 and prior it assumes it is named DYNAMICS. You should type in the sa username and password on this screen. It will connect to SQL and add your eConnect user to the DYNGRP. In this screenshot, my GP server is named EONE-2014, and my SQL instance is named EONE. My Dynamics database name for this particular installation is DYN2013.

5. On this final screen hit the Install button.

6. Once eConnect finishes installing, go to Start – Run and type in “services.msc”. In the services window, look for the service named “eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 20XX Integration Service”. If you see the service there and the status says Running, then eConnect has been successfully installed.

Do you have any questions? If you have a topic you'd like to be included in a future Tech Tuesday please comment below or email!

reIMAGINE Conference 2014 Recap

By now, we hope you are finished recovering and getting back to business after an incredible week in Fargo for reIMAGINE 2014!

As one giant GP partner community we know you work extremely hard to make sure GP is the ERP platform of choice, and we sincerely hope we you were able to leave Fargo with some new insights and points of view. A huge thank you to all who attended our pre-conference SmartConnect & Sales Bootcamps and our reIMAGINE sessions. 

While everyone was able to make several debits to the work hard account, we wanted to make sure the play hard account was in kept balance. So, it was no surprise when nearly 400 people were able to join us at the first ever eOne SmartnerParty on Monday night. For those of you who were at reIMAGINE but weren't able to make it to the party, we heard that it was a typical night on "Dancing with the Stars" and the TV's in the hotel rooms were adequate size. We hope you can join us at the next one! 

Below we've included a brief recap and some snapshots collected throughout the week! Have any pictures from reIMAGINE? See anyone you know? - Feel free to share them. 

Monday morning started off as strong as the coffee. Martin's session was about creating a world class demo and never loosing another GP deal. At first you might have thought he was crazy after finding out how he uprooted his life in Sydney, AU and moved to Fargo, ND to help make GP the best ERP ever. However it was clear that sometimes crazy just works!
To start out the week of reIMAGINE, we hosted pair of sales and technical Bootcamps - above is a quick snap of Martin welcoming everyone to the Sunday Sales Bootcamp at the eOne Fargo Office. The Sold-Out SmartConnect Bootcamp was a two-day training held at the conference center. The energy and excitement in the bootcamps definitely helped set the pace for the entire week. So again a special thank you to all of our partners that were able to attend!

A big thank you to Dynamics Partner Connections for putting together yet another fantastic event! Andy Hafer, CEO of Dynamic Communities was greeted by SmartList Builder. We're sure the two spent hours upon hours discussing the power of SmartList Builder.

This year there was a good mix of both sales and technical tracks. Abbey, our sales manager, was able to meet with several of our partners. Above she is being interviewed by Jesse from eTelligent before the opening session of reIMAGINE.

SmartList Builder loves our partners as much as the camera loves him. He took this photo opp with our friends from Broadpoint Technologies!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the opening reception on Monday night at the Microsoft campus. We got to connect with those we rarely see in person. One of our support guru's, Dave, had the opportunity to meet some partners that he assists from time to time. Everybody was having a good time, but little did they know the fun had yet to begin.

SmartList Builder at Shotgun Sally's "helping" the team get ready for the SmartnerParty.

Part of the eOne team taking a break from setup to snap a quick picture at the photo booth. 

Blaise, from ADP, was working on his Giant Jenga skills.

So you thought you could play? We had over 90 intense games of ping pong - however no one could defeat Martin in the first ever eOne Ping Pong Challenge! Over $160 in donations were raised for the Fargo-Moorhead Coalition for Homeless Persons.

Martin making a special shout out to the newly certified class of SmartConnect consultants & thanking our wonderful partners!

Did you take some photos at the SmartnerParty photo booth? If so, we'd love to see them!
Also, if you braved the cold and ventured out to the HoDo on Tuesday after the Doug Burgum keynote, we hope you enjoyed some HoDo cocktails mixed specifically for eOne guests!

Again, thank you Microsoft and Dynamic Communities for hosting such a wonderful reIMAGINE conference! If you couldn't make it this year we promise you that next year will be even better! You can check out the highlight video:

Have a photo with eOne or from the SmartnerParty? Feel free to email them to We'd love to see them!