Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SmartConnect Hotfix

I hate making announcements prematurely, but I did err with the hot fix announcement in the last post. In fact it was not a lie, as it was posted for a few hours, but had to be pulled back down again. The hotfix install is available again for download today.

There are a few things we have learned about the eConnect 2010 install that you will need to know. please take note of these steps below before you embark on your next install/upgrade.

1. Firstly you need to Create a new Domain User (Administrator does not work when installing eConnect)
2. Add this domain user to the Domain Administrators Group
3. Add this domain user to SQL and give him sysadmin access in SQL
4. For DYNAMICS and every company database the user needs access to, add this user to DYNGRP and PUBLIC in SQL
5. Log into the machine where you want to install eConnect as this domain user and use these credentials on the eConnect setup screen.

For full install instructions on the SmartConnect/eConnect please contact eOne support.


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