Monday, February 21, 2011

SmartView worth the wait

The updated SmartView release will contain a number of great new funationality additions together with a number of corrections to get rid of some annoying little bugs. Our development team was hoping for release last week, but we are still working on a couple of functions we really want included in this build. When we are done the QA team gets a chance to try and break the new build.

This results in the new and improved SmartView release date having been moved out to 4th March 2011. I appreciate the patience of all those waiting on the new build.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Consulting 1/2 Hour

Convergence 2011 will be held in Atlanta, and is the gathering place for so many of our reselling partners and customers. Many software developers use Convergence as a prospecting opportunity to find new customers (and that is important) but we have decided convergence in 2011 is a time for giving back to our customers.

Any eOne Reseller or any customer that owns an eOne product (SmartConnect, SmartView or Extender Enterprise) can request 1/2 hr of face to face time with our presales consultants, technical and support consultants or developers. eOne will be bringing an extended team to the event this year that includes the famous Dave Youngquist of eOne support desk fame as well as 3 developers, 2 product Guru's and 4 members of the sales and marketing team. So let us know what you want to discus and we will lock in a location and a time. The topics are completely open for you to name but some things you may wish to discus could be:

1. How to access the eOne demo server from anywhere?
2. What really is the difference between GP eXtender and Extender Enterprise?
3. How do Extender and SmartConnect really work together?
4. Learn about our Stand Alone Interface or our SQL destination connector?
5. How can we make implementations run more smoothly?
6. Questions/Comments about our support services.
7. I keep hearing SmartView rocks - please show me why?

1. Highlight product suggestions for our team
2. On the spot training on an area you have found challenging
3. How can I ...?
4. How to use Node Builder to fill the gaps in eConnect?
5. What are the training opportunities available?
6. How do we build our own Excel Templates?
7. We have some specific difficulties with an implementation - can you help me?
8. We use SC like IM - show me how to do so much more?
9. I heard there is a big promotion on SmartView for existing eOne customers? How much can I save?

So please take advantage of this great opportunity to sit down one on one with our team. We will be available from Saturday 9th at 9am through to Thursday 14th at midday. The only fine print on this offer is that for any meeting requested after 6pm, we reserve the right to hold this session over a beer (our shout).

We hold strongly to the belief that we are only as good as our last software release, only as good as our last implementation and only as good as our last support call. Please come and share your experiences, and ask the tough questions. To book in your hour please email me directly at

Note: This offer is only open to eOne customers and partners (or you can come together) attending convergence in Atlanta. Times will be allocated on a first in first served basis.

To lock in a time please contact me directly

Release of SC SP2 (46)

Available from this week is the newest SmartConnect 2010 build which we are calling Service Pack 2 or build 46 for those following our build numbers.

This is a great build that adds some feature functionality but also consolidates previous builds with a big emphasis on correcting those little annoyances, and things that were not quite right. Many of these were minor issues that only impacted a small number of customers but have all be corrected in this new release.

While this was primarily a fix up release, as always we can not resist including a few features into a service pack release and added the following functionality improvements:

1. Excel 2010 - Excel 2010 data source added to SmartConnect
2. Script Task Window- Allow the user to resize the scripting window
3. Folder Data Source- You can now append the date-time to the file and allow overwrites
4. Global Connection Variable - Allows you to specify one connection and use it in all SQL validation, SQL commands, SQL change data source and SQL Lookups.
6. Copy Security - You can now copy user security to a new user

You can download the new build from our downloads page.

We have already moved our attention forward to the next release - which is going to be very exciting. The biggest thing coming will be the much anticipated stand alone interface for SmartConnect - which means you will no longer require Dynamics GP to be installed to access SmartConnect. There are a number of exciting changes also to the destinations and sources for this new build which will be a great leap for SmartConnect.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SLB - Tip of the Month

Today's tip is to remind everyone that Excel Report Builder (ERB) from Microsoft is awesome. I mean really really cool.

For the uninitiated, ERB is one of the tools wrapped up inside Smartlist Builder. If you own SmartList Builder you own Excel Report Builder. ERB lets you build data connections for Excel into GP data and publish the data connection along with the creation of an Excel Report. The result is an Excel Report that is updated with live data every time you open it.

Today I was working on some internal reporting requirements and as always there are a massive number of tools I could turn to. (SmartView, SRS, Crystal, SmartLists, Cubes etc). My Requirements were pretty simple and included:
1. To see sales Volume by month
2. To see Sales Volume by Quarter
3. To be able to share this report between the USA and Australian Office.
4. Have a single report so Abbey and I are always looking at the same numbers.
5. I had to be able to build it - everyone else was busy. (For those that do not know me I could be described as a mildly technical GP user, who is really not too clever).

I won't run you through the detail steps in creating a report but I will highlight a couple of the tricks:

1. I had to first select the tables I wanted to use in the report, which was focused around SOP. The first time I ran the report I fell for the trap of not seeing both the SOP History and SOP Work tables together. (I needed work tables for my current month sales/forecast version of the report). So I used the MATCH TABLE function in ERB to join the two sets of tables together. If you have never used Match tables it is perfect for this scenario and let me join two tables at the click of a button.
2. I placed restrictions on the report right there in ERB to limit the data. For example I only wanted invoices, and had to exclude all quote documents. I also restricted out all $0 lines to keep things clean as I only needed things we sold for real $'s. It was better to keep this data out of the report altogether rather than trying to filter it in Excel later.

3. I then published this report to a shared network location that is accessible to both the US and Australian offices.
4. I needed more than just a list of data, so built a pivot table on the spreadsheet based upon this data and added some color etc.
5. Then I remembered that there was some data missing. Now here was a problem - I did not want to lose all my formatting of the spreadsheet but I need to publish the excel report again from ERB. So my biggest tip is - when publishing there are two options: Firstly to create the data connection and secondly to create a spreadsheet. Given I already had a spreadsheet and just needed a few columns added to the data connection - I simply chose to rebuild the data connection.

The result is I have a 'Live' pivot table in excel that is build of roughly 9,000 lines of data. I can share it with others in the office, it is rocket quick and completely flexible as all pivot tables are. ERB solved all my problems and literally from start to finish took about 25 minutes to build, format and publish. Go ahead and find me an ERP system that is better than Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

2011 Ready

Just wanted to let everyone know that SmartConnect is now CRM 2011 ready to go.

You are going to hear much more about SmartConnect for CRM, CRM live and our out of the box, fixed fee installations over the next few weeks. It is exciting times in the world of CRM and GP.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Partner Access

Instructions on how to navigate the eOne website.

How to Access Customer Reg Keys

How to Pay for a Customer’s Annual Enhancement Plan Renewal

How to Order a Product for a Customer

How to Add and Pay for Additional Users

How to Generate a Renewal Quote for a Customer video

If you have any questions on the videos, please don't hesitate to call or email

Have a company New Year’s Resolution you’d like to share? Or, do you have one you’d like us to make? Email me:

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Thanks go to Les Wright for putting this together - I only whish I had been this creative.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I wanted to share a recent email response from an experienced GP consultant:

"Martin first of all great demo of a great product(s). I have been doing GP consulting for 25 years(I go back to GPA 1.2) and if I have done 100 implementations I could have sold this product suite(SC and SV) in 75 of them." Tom.

Let's see what this would mean for a partner in terms of revenue based on very conservative numbers.
Average Margin: $2585
Average Services: (4 days) $5,600
Total at 75 clients in yr one: $613,875

If you add to this annual maintenance, Happy Customers, Better solutions and more GP sales - there are some good reasons to get deep with eOne products this year.