Thursday, July 28, 2011

SmartView Wins 1.5million deal

I will flesh this story out a little further in coming weeks - but I loved the story highlights I heard today.

In a very large, highly competitive GP bid SmartView become the differentiator that pushed GP into a winning position. This partner is self taught on SmartView and took the time to configure SmartView as the central component of their demonstration. How did they do it?

The sale was based around the ability to make correct project based financial decisions throughout the life of complex building projects. Combining SmartList Builder and Smartview meant that all the data required on a project by Project basis was displayed within SmartView. SmartView become the starting point for all decision making navigation. Using the SV Goto's the users were able to start within GP and drill to the specific information required.

The comments from the prospect were 'GP seems to have everything we need in one place, and gives users all the information they need in real time. The fact that the data enquiry tool is also the system navigation tool make it all so simple'.

GP really is the best ERP in the market.

Monday, July 18, 2011

SmartPost on the Shelf

SmartPost for GP 2010 is now available.

Have you ever wondered why after you import you still have to post batches? Well not any longer. SmartPost will automate that posting process to ensure you do not lock up GP during peak processing time, and that you batches are posted after-hours when you want them posted.

SmartPost fits perfectly with SmartConnect and completes the integration process. A transaction is not really an accounting transaction until it is posted within GP, so importing is only half of the process. SmartConnect lets you bring in all your transactions, and now SmartPost can be configured to run on its own schedule to post all those records. For example - set SmartConnect to bring in all your web invoices at 8pm, and then smartPost kicks off at 10pm to post them all. This means that no users are interrupted and when you arrive in the office next morning all your transactions are posted and reporting is up to date.

You do not need SmartConnect or an integration tool to benefit from SmartPost. If you are simply tired of managing the complex batches in GP - then SmartPost can be the answer. Set SmartPost to pick up batches by name or partial name, post them and email the reports to the designated people. Posting is one task you can cross off your daily to do list.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

SmartView - Gets Simpler

A new release of SmartView 2010 and 10 was posted on our website today. This is a release based entirely upon our customer feedback, and fixes a number of little issues that had been identified.

The biggest change in this build is the removal of the cache list functions, and SmartView now treats all lists as large lists. I still believe cache lists were a great idea, but they did create large amount of confusion for end users. With a cached lists the filters applied only apply to the initial list returned to screen, rather than re querying the database after the filter was applied. The outcome of this was that the list would filter and refresh rocket fast, but the downside was used got confused as to what they were looking at and could not match up the data they were seeing from Smartlist (which was requerying the database) with what they saw in SmartView.

The upshot is that SmartView is still fast, and up to 30 times faster than SmartList. In this build you can also export 100,000 records to excel in just 5-10 seconds. SmartView also now works a little more like SmartList, so that end users will easily be able to verify the data they are seeing in SV matches what they were familiar with in SmartList.

Friday, July 01, 2011

July 4th

On Monday, July 4th, the Fargo team members will be celebrating the US Independence Day holiday with family and friends. Chris Dew plans to get his “grill on” and I may be found hanging on for dear life while attempting to wake board. Please wish us luck (we’re going to need it!) and join us in celebrating one of our favorite summer holidays.

Also, please keep in mind that due to the festivities, our office will be closed on Monday. If you have an immediate support need, please email