Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Old

Last week I turned 40! I know its hard to believe that someone so young, energetic and handsome can be so old. Strangely I discovered that partying on until 4am is much more difficult to recover from than it used to be.

So to top off a big year - a trip to Vegas is on order to attend GPUG. If you are a GP customer and have not booked your trip to Vegas then I suggest you do so in a hurry. This will be a fantastic week, where you will learn allot from some Gurus when it comes to GP + you get to party on with all the cool folk from Microsoft!  Does the word folk  - go with the word cool.  If they let you down then be sure to look up the eOne crew who will no doubt show you a good time. 

We are running some great sessions on all the builders, as well as taking the eXtender challenge. This challenge is a bit like theatre sports where we will build an application on the fly, based on audience participation. This could be a great session, particularly if you want to see Chris Dew put on the spot and see if he can hold up under the pressure!

Before GPUG is the Partner Connections event (just so I can have a few extra days in Vegas) but for all partners that are attending this will be an awesome few days.  If you want to see a cracking intro to any GP demo you ever do - get along to the session titled "demo the eOne way". I challenge you to watch this session and then go back to your office and sell more GP than ever before!   I'll show you why GP is simply the very best ERP in the market- bar NONE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you turn your marketing on its head

It's not often I blog about beer advertising - but I thought this was brilliant. Many beer adds aim at suggesting real tough men drink beer - which really does not hit the spot with the average modern office working beer drinker.

Here is an add where they really understood their market. They still used the 'he who has amazing courage deserves a beer' message but delivered it very cleverly that hits the spot with Women and Men equally.

So here is a challenge in your next marketing efforts - stop saying "get better reports", "save time for your staff", "be more efficient" and see if you can turn it on its head and take a fresh approach to telling an old story.

Friday, October 14, 2011

This week we released a Service Pack for SmartConnect 2011. This has turned out to be a little more than a service pack and has included one big change to the User Interface. The User Interface for SmartConnect is now entirely external to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. To support CRM 2011 we had to use .net 4 controls. Dexterity did not allow this on GP 2011 - so we have moved outside of dex completely to provide the functionality out partner require.
  2. To better leverage all of the destinations and data sources available in SmartConnect. It makes little sense to build an Excel to SalesForce integration inside of GP!
  3. To simplify security by not having to deal with multiple layers.
  4. The depth of SmartConnect now means that many partners are using SmartConnect for projects that may not have anything to do with GP. Here are a few examples:
    1. Exporting data to XML from Microsoft CRM:  (Uses a CRM datasource and File destination)
    2. Pushing data from a GP SQL table to a custom SQL table. (ODBC data source and SQL destination)
    3. Reading an XML and turning it into an Excel file. (XML data source and File destination)
    4. Moving data from CRM on premise to
    5. Exporting CRM online data to a local SQL table for reporting. (Other integrations call this amazing cloud technology - it is standard with SmartConnect).
    6. Integration from a POS system into BI SQL tables.
    7. This list goes on for ever.

FAQ QUESTION 1:  Does this mean we are moving away from GP as a core product?

Absolutely not. We are still a GP centric integration and automation tool. That said we have heard our partners and understand the need for a single tool for all your integration needs. Technology changes meant we had to move outside of GP and this is entirely a good thing for all our existing customers and all our future customers. So when you upgrade SmartConnect next time around - you can still launch SmartConnect from the GP menus (if you want) - but doing so will launch SmartConnect external to GP.

FAQ QUESTION 2: Do we lose any functionality?

Absolutely not. All the current functionality remains inside of SmartConnect - but this move has opened us up to add more functionality that was not available inside the GP dev limitations.

FAQ QUESTION 3:   So what is next in the plans with SmartConnect?

Sex. Yes now that we are outside of GP we get to go sexy. SmartConnect will be getting a new and friendly user interface to make it more fun to work with. We are excited about this and think all of you who use it will be equally inspired. 
We are of course always looking for feedback and development ideas - so if you have dreamt up a feature or discovered a gaping hole that needs filling during one of your projects,  now is the time to tell us about it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


A quick reminder to all our partners - to contact our support desk please email or call on 888 3193663 (2 for support).

We have had one of our engineers off for surgery recently and emails send directly to them do not reach the support team. Please ensure all support messages go to and they are then addressed by any member of our team.

Monday, October 03, 2011

SmartConnect just as good with CRM as it is GP

I have long preached the story that with SmartConnect you can connect any data from anywhere into GP. The exact same message goes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - SmartConnect allows you to push nay data form anywhere back into GP.

When people thing SmartConnect they think integration! That's wrong. They legacy applications in this market are just that - only integration tools. SmartConnect gets lumped into the same group because it does integration as well as any of those tools - but it also does so much more. The 'so much more' often requires a little creative thinking.

Take a look at this video 'Managing Opportunities in Excel' to see what I mean by the so much more. This is SmartConnect solving an every day problem - but is a long way from traditional integration.