Thursday, February 28, 2013

Release Date Update

A quick update on how we are tracking with getting out 2013 releases out to our partners and customers:

SmartConnect 2013:  Released 27th February 2013. We are really excited about the power this release gives to our customers.

Flexicoder 2013: Released 27th February 2013.

Extender Standard: The upgrade conversions from Microsoft Extender to eOne Extender has proven challenging. We are still working closely with our upgrade QA team - and have pulled more resources into this group.  We plan to release before 8th March.

Extender Enterprise:  At eOne we do not release until we are ready. The upgrade of enterprise clients to the new Extender is difficult. We have a good build we could potentially release for new installs - but we are still working carefully through all the upgrade scenarios - but again this is tricky given we are merging two product sets back into one.  Please be patient with us - but it looks like this release will be delayed until after convergence - and likely not until March 30th.
SmartView: Given SmartView links directly with Extender - we need to hold this release until Extender standard is released.  So mid may and definitely prior to convergence.

SmartPost:  Very Soon

Thank you to all our customers and partners who are holding back upgrade work. We are working around the clock - coding during the day in Australia and testing all night in the USA.

SmartConnect Now Compatible with GP 2013

SmartConnect is now compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. You can download the newest version (SmartConnect v2012 sp 2) right from our website. Watch the blog for an in-depth look at the latest build from Chris Dew, where he’ll share the new features of SmartConnect 2012 sp 2. In the meantime, here are 5 things you’ll love about SmartConnect for GP 2013:

       1. Excel 2013 as an ODBC Connector and a data source option.
       2. Added date/time of map lock to the activity window.
      3. Global set up of default scripting language (C# or VB).
      4. Allow mapping to a wider range of CRM web service messages.
      5. Support for sending SmartConnect messages to external web services.

As always, let us know if you need any help with upgrades or if you’d like our services team to complete the project on your behalf. Simply email your project description to and he’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Watch for more eOne product 2013 builds in the coming weeks!

Have you tried out SmartConnect v2012 sp 2 for GP 2013 and love it? Share your favorite features with me by emailing

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet with eOne at Convergence 2013

I’m certain we will count as a mob. That’s right, a mob. We’re bringing a record number of eOne folks to Convergence this year – 12 smiling eOne faces. (Well, most of us SHOULD be least for the first few days!) We’ll be at booth #350, presenting 14 sessions and spending time meeting with customers and partners. So, want to meet with one of the eOne crew??  If I were you, I’d schedule your time NOW.

Who should you spend time with?
  1. Martin Olsen & yours truly (Abbey): we would love to meet with partners to hear how we can best help you, receive honest feedback and determine how we can best work together going forward.
  2. Lorren Zemke: sounds like a new name, right? Lorren is our new Director of Professional Services and would love to meet with partners who have projects to discuss and want to know how to best work with the services team.
  3. Chris Dew: are you an ISV that has been thinking about bundling SmartConnect or Extender with your products? Spend time with Chris discussing those possibilities and how we could best work together to see that happen.
  4. Chris Hanson & David Youngquist: spend time talking about your specific project and getting advice from the guys who put together creative and innovative solutions for customers.
  5. Ruaan Jonker, Kevin Jones, & Andrew Brown: want to provide feedback on SmartConnect or Extender? Feel like talking straight to the developers? These are your guys and they are willing to sit down with you to hear your feedback.
  6. Lauri Kraus & Danielle Erickson: if you want to spend one on one time discussing the Extender transition and ensuring that your customer’s records and dates are correct – spend time with these ladies.
  7. Nicole Albertson: want a little extra time with our Extender expert? Set up a meeting (instead of standing in line at the booth) and fire away with your questions!  

To line up a meeting with one of the eOne team members, please reach out to and let us know a few days and times that work best for you. We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate the meeting, but we do reserve the right to meet over a coffee or a meal! J

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Extender 2013 Feature of the Day: Move Fields

How did the Move Fields feature change?

The Move Fields option allows you to move a field from one position to another while maintaining the data and settings for the field.

The Move Fields feature was available in Extender 2010, but was not as easily found.  Because of this, many times we found the fields were moved by just putting the same name and type for the field into a different field position.  This was fine if there was no data entered in the Form or Window.  If there was already data in the field, that data was no longer linked to that field record, but was linked to the “old” field position.

In Extender 2013, the options to Move Up, Move Down, and Move Right/Left (if Detail) are right next to or below the fields so they can easily be moved and maintain the data that may have been entered for those fields.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Extender Transition Update

We always knew that the transition of nearly 5000 eXtender customers from the books of Microsoft back to eOne was going to to be challenging. This was an admin challenge we were ready for - and we'll work hard to bring some fantastic new functionality to all our customers.

To this point the process has run exceptionally smooth, but certainly not without its surprises and the odd hiccup. There are a couple of things I have addressed with a number of you individually but want to share with all our partners: 

1. Interesting Data: The extraction, formatting, reviewing and migration of the data has been fun - but a challenge I was able to attack with SmartConnect (using our own tools). All of the customer, resellers and module details are now safely inside our Microsoft CRM system and available for partners on our website. A couple of things to note: 
  1. We have had some issues with data in regards to identifying the original selling reseller, as opposed to the current reseller of record. We believe this is now accurate based on what is recorded in Microsofts systems.  If you find a customer on your renewal reports that should not be there - please make contact with and we will make corrections as quickly as possible. 
  2. The data we worked with related to the original purchase and may include customers that have previously ceased to use either GP or the eXtender module. We have done our very best to remove these customers form our imports. If you do find customers on your report that have previously chosen not to renew  - please let us know and we will remove them from your reports. Again, email
  3. Expiry Dates: there have been a few questions in regards to the expiry dates we have on record for customers. We have based our imports on the expiry dates from Microsoft - so you can check them against your voice system.  If you find a discrepency  - again please let us know asap.
2. Global Pricing:  As an ISV we have a nice simple pricing model for all our products. It turns out that Microsoft had a much more complex regional pricing model and discount structure in place. One of the changes in the transition process will be changes to the pricing model as we revert to the eOne model. You can access the current price list here eOne Price List.  

3. SPLA: It turns out that Microsoft had been offering some massively discounted monthly pricing for the eXtender module. Microsoft Dynamics GP eXtender from eOne has a monthly SaaS price of US$145 (and other regional pricing). This is the new price that existing SPLA arrangements need to be transitioned to. For existing resellers we will work with you on a transition period but by June 30 2013 - all customers will need to have been transitioned to the new pricing. 

4. Protected Pricing: Protected pricing is not something that eOne is in a position to support, calculate or maintain. All eXtender customers will revert to having AEP calculated based on the current regional price list.  

5. Auto Bill: Any resellers that have been AutoBilled by Microsoft for AEP post the transition cutoff dates. If this is your situation then please make contact with Lauri at asap. We will set the records correctly immediately and will work with Microsoft to sort out the admin. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Extender 2013 - Improved User Interface

What has changed in the User Interface?

Many of the Resources that were previously available as a separate resource on the main Extender window have been combined into the Windows and Forms to simplify the navigation.

For example, Detail Windows and Detail Forms have been moved to be within the Windows and Forms.  The Inquiry, Notes, and Window Group setup has also been moved to be within the Window setup.

Dialogs, Macros, and Logic (Extender Enterprise) have all been moved to be Actions within the Windows and Forms as well.

All of these changes make it easier to keep Resources organized by their functions.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Extender 2013 Feature of the Day: Duplicating Resources

What does the Duplication process do?

There are two options to duplicate a resource.

1. Add to Solution:  The Add to Solution option will allow you to share resources between Solutions.  By doing this, it links the resources together.  This means that any change you make to the resource in one solution will be changed in the other solution as well.  The Resource will have the same Resource ID and essentially be the same resource.  Therefore, if the resource is a Form or Window, the data that is entered in them will be the same between both resources.

2. Copy:  The Copy option will allow you to copy a resource from one solution to another as well as copy the resource to a new resource in the same solution.  When copying a resource, you are creating a new independent resource that is not in any way linked to the original resource.  The resource will require a new Window ID to copy it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

New & Changing Roles at eOne

At eOne we’re growing leaps and bounds! We’d like you to join us in welcoming Lorren Zemke, our new Director of Professional Services. Lorren will be responsible for the leadership and growth of the eOne professional services team. Lorren joins us with 20+ years of GP experience, with 16 of those years at Wennsoft. In his most recent role, he managed developers to quote, win and deliver adhoc customizations for Wennsoft customers. Lorren will lead all service billing activity including eOne training, support services and consulting services. He will have a strong focus on efficiency, utilization and growing the eOne services team.

You may be wondering “if Lorren is working with services, where did Chris Dew go?!” Never fear – Chris is still with eOne! Chris will be working with the sales team as a much needed technical resource for sales related activities and will also work on special projects through the services team, as well. He will be extremely busy (as usual)!

Please join us in welcoming Lorren to the team. Drop him a line at when you have a moment! Also, don’t forget to give a shout out to Chris Dew ( as he transitions to his new role at eOne, as well!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tech Tues: Extender 2013 Feature of the Day: Solutions

What is a Solution?

A Solution is a way to group resources such as Windows, Forms, Views, etc. that interact together.



Additional Detail: 
  • There is no limit to the number of resources within each Solution.
  • There is no limit to the number of Solutions that can be created.
  • The Import and Export process will require you to export entire solutions in an effort to preserve the integrity of the solution.  This will also prevent issues when transferring resources from one company to another as you will be sure to get all the needed linked resources.
  • Resources can be duplicated between Solutions

Monday, February 04, 2013

Business Buys Software Differently

A few weeks ago my QA manager yelled out that he needed some new software to help with testing the GP2013 web client versions of our products. I said tell me what you need. He emailed me a link to a software website with exactly what he needs priced at $3000. I browsed the site and they looked real. I read some reviews, checked that there was an active forum. I typed in my credit card number and 3 minutes later we had the software installed and working.

The way a business buys software has changed forever. Not that long ago if a business needed software to help with their integrations - they would call their VAR, set up a meeting, explain their needs, receive a proposal, see a demo, think about it a bit and 12 weeks later make a purchase.

Today with the wonderful interwebs  - they want to buy software just like I did. Needs arising, purchase decisions and purchase actions can be made within the same hour.  I had a question last week from a VAR "why does eOnes new website allow customers to purchase directly" - and the answer is easy, "customers demanded it - it is how they buy software now".

At eOne we have a massive respect for good Value adding VAR's and will always look after our partners. We also have a massive respect for our own business and ability to sell software and make money. If customers choose to buy our software direct, we have no choice but to allow them to buy direct.   

A good VAR is invaluable to a business. The good VAR is a trusted advisor. A good VAR's advice is so good that a customer would not make a purchase without their advice. A good VAR knows software so well that they can make it do things an end customer could never imagine. A good VAR saves a customer money by doing clever and innovative things. If a VAR wants to compete in the world of Internet and Google, in the world of Saas and 'do it yourself software'  they have to be good. they have to be real good. They have to be so good that their customers would not make a move without them.

So given that the way a business can buy software has changed so much - VAR's have no choice but to provide unprecedented value to their customers.